Your partner's joy seeing you for the first time.

The sweet sound of your grandmother's voice.

Everyone you love dancing their hearts out.

The day only happens once, but you can relive it always.

Your day - reimagined. At Carnation Films, we craft elegant wedding videos unique to each relationship - with a cinematic style that excites! As a professional Pittsburgh wedding videographer, we create carefully crafted and curated films of moments you'll want to replay for the rest of your life. And it won't be like any other wedding video you've seen before. Your film should be a thoughtful representation of your relationship. Your film should be like you - unique - in every possible way.

Kirstie T.

"We LOVED our teaser video and cry every time we rewatch the full video. What we really appreciated about working with them is that they took the time to get to know us and about what we wanted out of our video."

OUr Story is a lot like yours

The Intimate moments

And the Fun Ones.

You're in it for the long haul. We are too.

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Justin + Marin

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You put so much time and effort into planning your dream wedding. We put in the time and effort to give you the wedding film of your dreams. Wedding films are so much more than flashy cuts and catchy music. They're about capturing the magic and memories of an incredible day.

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Chelsea P.

"They were so easy to work with, made everything so relaxed and casual, and captured the exact emotion of every part of our day! Couldn't have asked for a better videographer for our day!"

We don’t make cookie-cutter videos – each wedding, venue, the lighting present – is different from the next. We follow our process, but can adapt on the fly. It helps our creativity flow. Think of us like water – able to change effortlessly, but with elegance. We want you to be captivated each and every time you revisit the best day of your life – not bored. In fact, we’re not even sure what the word ‘boring’ means – to us, it doesn’t exist! Our goal is to make your day something to cherish for the rest of your life.

We love Pittsburgh, but we get it. Sometimes you need to leave the city and surrounding areas, and head somewhere else! You may be planning your wedding elsewhere (although a wedding at The Point would deliver some stunning shots!), so we’re here to accommodate that. As Pittsburgh wedding videographers, we can work with anyone in or around the Pittsburgh area, at any venue of your choice. And if you’re planning on traveling – we’ve got you covered! Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland are some of our common destinations outside of the area, but we want to be as flexible as possible. Just let us know where you’re planning to go – and we’ll let you know if we can get there to make the magic happen!

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What Really Sets Us Apart

Marriage signifies the forever connection between two individuals – a culmination of interactions, emotions, and mutual discovery of one another. Your relationship is one-of-a-kind. Your wedding video should share these qualities.

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So how exactly do we capture these qualities, precisely how you want them to be portrayed? It starts by getting to know you and all the elements of your relationship, taking time to really learn about what makes your connection special. Gaining perspective will help us to translate your love for each other into a beautifully crafted artistic format – one that you can relive forever!

Happy couples who trusted us with their special day hailed us as the top wedding videographer Pittsburgh has to offer. That’s because we genuinely value the tiny intricacies that make your relationship what it truly is. Wholeheartedly, this is a crucial part of our crafting process, and we highly encourage significant interaction to learn as much as we can before your big day!

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carnation vine

Carnation Films treats marriage videography in the exact same manner. We are strictly driven towards matrimony film – because that’s what our passion is. Rather than try our hand at photography and other artistic services, our goal is to become elite with this form. Narrowing our scope helps us to become adept with our technique – honing in on the craft and all the little details that come with it.

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So what’s the difference? You might be wondering why we focus on wedding films and not wedding photography. The truth is – a film can capture so much more than a standstill photo can - the raw, uncut feelings, interactions, and expressions of the compiled moments. With photography, the photographer has to hope for the perfect pose, expression, and landscape - plus add some artistic flair to get the perfect shot of the subject. Film, on the other hand, allows the subject to retain a natural state, and the flow of all events to be captured with ease. Think of this as more of an opportunity to be yourself throughout your special day, rather than preparing yourself for the ‘perfect’ shot.

That’s the beauty of film. You don’t have to hope we captured that blissful, picturesque moment – because we can promise that we did. Film moves with the flow of time – a photo only captures a sliver of it.

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Still hoping to capture some of those special moments with the perfect image? Not to worry – rest assured that we can still make that happen! Although we like to focus on our specialty of videography, creating a personalized collection of wedding photographs is also one of our go-to services. A big advantage of video is that any shot can be created into a still photo. Yes – any given moment of your wedding video can be converted into a photograph. Just check out the pictures on this page! We like to think we have a knack for all forms of visual art – photography included!

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Weddings are stressful – they make you think about scenarios you might otherwise not think about. And then you start to have questions – but no answers to be found! Rest assured – as one of the top videographers Pittsburgh has to offer, we can answer any questions you have with a quick phone call. Here’s some common questions we get from clients that had concerns before their big day!


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You will always have at least 2 videographers at your wedding - we don't want to miss a single second!

How many videographers will be attending my wedding?


Matt and Penny, of course!

Who are the videographers that will be at my wedding?


Absolutely not! Although we are based in Pittsburgh, we are not limited to helping interested couples just here. We love to travel, so even if you’re far away, we can accommodate!

Do you only serve clients for Pittsburgh videography?


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This is a crucial part of our crafting process – to make sure we get to know you as best we can before the big day. Whether we meet in person or virtually – we promise that we’ll make it happen.

Do we have a chance to meet with you before the wedding?


If we can’t meet with you, we’ll do our very best to get to know you through talking and messaging. Every bit of insight contributes to a better artistic output!

What if we can’t coordinate a time to meet?


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We genuinely value quality over quantity. We would LOVE to see you be absolutely thrilled with what we craft, and taking our time to learn about your relationship is a key piece of this.

Why spend time with us when you could be fulfilling other work?


We are detailed, meticulous, and precise. We care about our craft, and more importantly, we want to learn what makes your relationship unique. We would much rather spend our time taking on fewer clients and outputting better work for the ones that genuinely value our skills. For us, it is truly quality over quantity – and our work speaks for itself!

Compared to other Pittsburgh videographers, what sets you apart?


Every wedding is unique - so we build packages based on exactly what you want for your special day! Our Wedding Film Collections start at $2795, and we have lots of add-ons to create the perfectly customized option - for you! Get in touch with us for all the details!

What videographer package options do you offer, and what are the prices for each?


If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We can’t WAIT to be a part of your special day – and we look forward to working with you and getting to know you!

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