Christopher + Michelle
"Now it begins. Now we start. One hand, one heart, one life."
When Michelle contacted me about filming her wedding she let me know that she wanted to surprise Christopher with the video as a Christmas present. It was a difficult challenge but with planning we managed to make him believe we were just taking photos. Peacock Ridge was vibrant and full of life that day. The animals all seemed happy about the festivities taking place and gladly approached the fences to greet guests. The ceremony took place in front of the pond under decorated trellis. The happy couple said their vows in front of family friends and locked notes in a sort of time capsule box for them to open and read in the future. Michelle, thanks so much for bringing me on for this fantastic surprise. Chris, got you man! I hope this video allows you to relive the magic and excitement of your wedding day for years to come. I feel so honored to work with amazing people like you and tell your love stories.